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CDI Reimagined-Making A Difference

Glenn Krauss

Glenn Krauss, President and CEO, is a nationally recognized CDI/Revenue Cycle expert and speaker. He has worked with healthcare systems, independent hospitals, and clinics, ranging from large academic medical centers and fully integrated urban healthcare systems to community hospitals, critical access hospitals, and Federal Qualified Healthcare Centers.

Chart Review

Core-CDI's complimentary inpatient medical record chart review consists of 25 charts associated with known high risk DRGs. The chart review will consist of 20 inpatient medical records and 5 inpatient medical records denied for medical necessity. Each record will be thoroughly reviewed by our CDI expert. 


Core CDI offers several resources to help you address your Revenue Cycle and CDI needs. You can find Word documents, PowerPoints, videos, links and more that focus on the "How to" and "Why?" questions that invariably arise.

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Mastering Medical Necessity

Ebook by CDI Evangelist Glenn Krauss

Learn Key Story Telling Skills for Physicians and Auditors


The good news is that mastery of documenting medical necessity for any level of care is easily within reach. Hence, this ebook


Hear Two Industry Veterans in Auditing and Documenting Teaching How to Save Time while Avoiding both Queries and Denials.

Featured Items


Wiser Wednesday - Experience Speaks: The Future of Clinical Documentation Integrity

Glenn Krauss speaks about Revenue Cycle moving to the future of clinical documentation integrity Core-CDI - Glenn Krauss
00:00 / 00:00

Wiser Wednesday - Experience Speaks: More tips for documenting medical necessity

Glenn Krauss speaks about more tips for documenting necessity Core-CDI - Glenn Kraus
00:00 / 00:00

AHIMA Coding and CDI Ethics Compared


Our objectives in this course are to review the AHIMA professional code of ethics, and examine those standards of ethical coding and integrity and of course, this all relates to documentation.

CDI- The Medical Record as a 
Communication Tool

2019-09-02-#69Glenn Krauss, BBA
00:00 / 03:10

CDI- The Savior of
Medical Necessity

2020-03-09-#90Glenn Krauss, BBA
00:00 / 24:32
A Comprehensive CDI Update 2021: Exploring Changes to the Outpatient and Inpatient CDI Landscape in the COVID-19 Era

Glenn Krauss of Interviews Retired OIG Special Agent Eric Rubenstein

Visionary Case Management - CDI Model

Core-CDI - The Medical Record
as a Communication Tool

Five Key Points- Time for Reflection & Process Transformation

(Word Document Download)

Basics of Communication & Documentation for Doctors- Understanding New Ways to Communicate the Patient Story

Effective Clinical Documentation

(PDF Download)

Doctors & Diligent Patient Care Communication- A Strategy for Mitigating & Alleviating Costly Downgrades & Denials

Core CDI - 25 Charts Reviewed

Featured Webinars

Basics of Coding and Documentation for doctors: Understanding New Ways to Communicate the Patient's Story

Back to the Basics - Delivering High Quality Care by Communicating The Patient's Story

What Ails Patient-Centered Care? Fixing Issues with improved Documentation and Patient Communication!

Featured Podcasts

Measuring CDI - Performance - Permance that Truly Matters - Sustainable Over Time  - Angela Franceschi

Performance that Truly Matters - Sustainable Over Time - Glenn Krauss
00:00 / 00:00

The Medical Record as a Communication Tool

The Medical Record as a Communication Tool - Glenn Krauss
00:00 / 00:00

Capitalizing Upon Achieving the Highest Potential in CDI with Maureen Holtz

Capitalizing Upon Achieving the Highest Potential in CDI Maureen Holtz - Maureen Holtz
00:00 / 00:00

Transforming Denials & Appeals to Denials Avoidance - CDI Playing an instrumental Role

Recorded June 4th 2019

Transforming Denials and Appeals to Denials Avoidance- CDI Playing an Instrumental Role - Glenn Krauss
00:00 / 00:00

A Vision of CDI Quality

Recorded April 17 2019

Core CDI: A Vision of CDI Quality - Glenn Krauss
00:00 / 00:00

Your CDI Program May Be Costing You Monies - Time to Check Under the Hood

Core CDI Complimentary 25 Chart Review

CDI 25 Chart Review Infographic-01.png


"The presenter, Glenn Krauss is phenomenal – great future insights and resources. I really enjoyed it and plan to utilize the information to continue my growth and development in Clinical Documentation Improvement, advancing my career in CDI by expanding my depth and knowledge of what constitutes best practices of documentation and communication of patient care beyond CC/MCC capture. Practical ideas and concepts to better engage physicians is something I appreciated in learning about by attending the webinar. Thanks again!" - Attendee at MN ACDIS February 2018 Webinar

"Bringing Glenn on-site was one of the best decisions we could have made. We saw an immediate spike in our revenue following Glenn meeting with our providers, coders, and billing staff. By his third day, he paid for his whole visit just by making changes to the most simple (but unknown to us) mistakes in how we were billing procedures. I would recommend him to anyone wanting an immediate and also long-lasting improvement to their facility's finances."  - CEO-Community Hospital, Colorado

"We had the opportunity to undertake an audit with Core-CDI and couldn’t be more pleased with the results!  The results were prompt, easy to understand, and will hopefully lead to meaningful improvements inside of our organization.  They also go beyond the “basics” of CDI and look at the “next level” such as integration with Utilization and Case Management, and outpatient Emergency Documentation as well, not just the inpatient environment. Great results and easy to work with!"  - Director Revenue Cycle-Community Medical Center, Ohio

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