Focusing On CDI Measures That Truly Matter

Use of Case-Mix as a Proxy for Judging Effectiveness of CDI Programs The use of case-mix as a proxy for judging the effectiveness of clinical documentation improvement programs can be characterized as an unreliable imprecise measure of overall success. While case-mix over time can potentially increase over time as clinical specificity in diagnoses capture improves, there are a myriad of contributing factors that control the ultimate calculation of case-mix. Attributing improvement in documentation to increases and fluctuations in realized numbers is a misnomer and falsehood. Case-mix index can be considered at best to be an instantaneous approximation of revenue the Chief Financial Officer

Key Performance Indicators- Revisited

CDI’s present-day Key Performance Indicators centered upon reimbursement do not truly reflect a meaningful account of performance in impacting the quality, completeness and effectiveness of medical record documentation. Common KPIs include number of physician queries left, number of queries responded to by the physician, number of queries responded to by the physician that captured a CC or MCC, number of queries responded to by the physician that impacted severity of illness/risk of mortality, number of charts opened and reviewed per day, etc. Examining each KPI individually as well as collectively clearly demonstrate a lack of correlation with measurable improvement in clinical documentatio

Staunching The Tide of Medical Necessity Denials

The Importance of CDI Involvement in Denials and Appeals Denials and appeal is a major challenge for hospitals with the Advisory Board’s biennial revenue cycle survey finding that a median 350-bed hospital would have lost $3.5 million to increased denial write-offs from healthcare payers over the past four years. Hospitals wrote off as uncollectable 90% more denials than six years ago, a difference of $3.5 million for a median 350-bed hospital, according to the report. The Advisory Board found that the median for successful denial appeals for hospitals fell from 56% to 45% for commercial payers over the past two years and from 51% to 41% for Medicaid. (Fierce Healthcare Article- November 15,

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