Hospital Readmissions - Driving Reduction Through Enhanced Patient Care Communication

Hospital Readmission Without Septicemia Palmetto GBA just this week posted on its website an article titled Hospital Readmission Without Septicema discussing the CMS Hospital Readmission Reduction Program. pointing out the cost of unplanned readmissions is $15 to $20 billion annually. Interesting enough the following statements in the article run contrary to findings of a study published in January's Health Affairs that called into question the realization of readmission reductions achieved through the HRRP since its inception. “The value-based reimbursement program contributed to significantly less hospital readmissions between 2010 and 2015, according to CMS data from September 2016. Gener

Resuscitation of CDI- Breathing New Life

Effective Clinical Documentation Integrity Processes Mechanics of Chart Review Process Any clinical documentation integrity initiative must embrace the concept of proactivity versus reactivity, rejecting the reactive tendency of complacency and content. Proactivity facilitates and supports achievement of measurable meaningful improvement in physician documentation that best serve’s the patient’s and all relevant healthcare stakeholder’s needs for accurate and complete communication of patient care. Referring to proactivity, I subscribe to the notion of opening and reviewing a medical record at time of admission or as close to the hospital entry point as feasibly possible. Today’ CDI process

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